Checking in from Crescent City

I made the long drive to Crescent City yesterday and I apologize to my regular readers for not posting a story yesterday. I drove 559 miles in the rain and snow and arrived with just a couple hours to rest and prepare to play my first satellite. I did not have time to search out an internet connection and the casino is not set up with wireless internet or a media center. Rest assured I have found my internet connection at the Good Harvest Café; a great place for breakfast. I spent a frustrating few minutes trying to connect to the internet but I have managed.

I played two satellites and did not win either one. I felt the one table satellites were soft but the rounds were short and the luck factor was pretty high. A long time friend Dike Bolen won the first satellite of the night. Duke just started playing a few months ago and really just out drew the field in a very passive tournament.

As I have been saying in my earlier posts this tournament with the $45,000 guarantee will be a huge overlay with only 40 players signed up as of today. Look for the casino to be adding a third to half of the prize pool. This is the best deal I have seen offered by a casino is quite some time. If you are in the area I would strongly recommend you make the drive and enter the tournament on Wednesday or Thursday.

I will play one more satellite tonight and play more aggressive in an effort to win it. I have a pretty good feel for how the better players are playing. I may bust out early or I may run over the field but I am in overdrive tonight.

Now for a brief recap of the sickest part of last nights festivities. First hand of the tournament with blinds 25-25 and starting stacks 2500, I am dealt KK in late position. Three limpers and I raise to $250 and I am called by the big blind and the under the gun player. A flop of 8 5 3 all spades and it is checked to me and I bet $700. The big blind makes a raise to $1500 and the under the gun player makes a snap call. I have no spade and fold the kings. The two players get the chips all in on the turn with a set of eights and the nut flush and the flush holds up. I just feel lucky to lose $950. The under the gun is limping in with AT suited and calling the big raise. These players are loose and I need to make it more punishing for them to see a flop.

Enough with the bad beat stories. I need to show more aggression tonight. Good luck and see you at the tables.


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