Have Fun to Loosen Up the Table

One of my favorite tricks is to take my hand and cover my eyes like I do not want to see the flop. I do it in a playful manner and it draws attention and loosens up the players. I try to slowly look toward the board and spread my fingers slightly so I can see the board in a peeking style. With my other hand I grab some chips and splash a bet out there.

Talk and chatter is always the way to go. You need them to know that you are there to have fun. I will often announce that I may raise the next pot just for fun. The time to do this is when you are in late position so you do not give away too much equity. If I happen to see my first card when it is flying in and it is an ace or a face card I will announce that I am going to raise in the dark as I drop a chip on top of the card and wait to drop another chip on the next one. A friendly helpful dealer can be your accomplice on this play. I will not name the dealers who deliver the cards high enough for me to see them but suffice it say there are several. Thanks Joe. Again watch your position when making this move.

If I am creating the fun gambling image and I find myself in the big blind in a multi-way limped pot, I look down and if I have rags I make an over-sized raise to steal the pot. If a player is taking time to make the call I tell him, “get out of my pot”. That usually makes him call and I will have a huge advantage over him going to the flop, I will continuation bet the flop nearly 100% of the time if he is the only caller. If he calls the bet, I will call for a brick “red deuce” on the turn. If I get an innocent card I am firing again. If I get a threatening card I may have to give it up. Check and if they fire I can pause and make a dramatic moment of the fold, “Can you beat 7 high?” And then fold the rags face up.

Another good move it to tell your opponent, “I know you have a big draw”…”I need to make it too expensive for you to draw”. Then make a fairly large bet and it will usually trigger them to fold that draw. What I actually hold has little or no bearing on the hand.

I tend to give a little more information at the table than just about any of the professional players with the exception of Daniel. I give just enough truth in the information to make myself credible but I mix in enough partial and half truths as to be deceptive and manipulative. The reason I am giving away information is to manipulate my opponents. Obviously, I am giving away information to weaker players who can be manipulated. Amarillo Slim invented this style and coined the term “coffeehousing”. I use this and it is just one tool on my tool belt. I do not take it to the extreme that Slim seems to like.

Keep it light and keep it fun while being engaging with the rest of the table. This is a way to loosen up the table and get them to play with you. Most importantly do not forget to play your “A-Game”. You may blow off a few chips as advertising budget but you are still the strongest player at the table.

Ultimately, my goal every time I sit down at the poker table is to make players enjoy losing their money to me. I want entertain players to the point where they can not wait to play with me again. I play to make money and they play for enjoyment. I feel like I should make this a win-win scenario.

If you see me in at a poker table come on over and sit down. I will make sure we have some fun and win or lose my goal is for you to leave happy.


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2 Responses to “Have Fun to Loosen Up the Table”

  1. bigtpoker Says:

    I think a lot of people forget that as a people game, the psychological aspect is important. Obviously you can’t be rude or inconsiderate, but as you say, clever and well-timed comments certainly do have an influence on the way other people play.

  2. how to win at poker Says:

    I love reading your posts they are really insightful and always extremely well written.

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