A Tough Laydown

The toughest game on Gods green earth and I need to make a living. Why would anyone be sitting in this game? Why am I sitting here? We are playing $3-$6 limit with a one and two blind. The rake is only two dollars. Some really bad players play here. Some really good players scratch out a meager existence in this game. I guess we play because they give us free soda.

What makes the game so tough? I make the game tough. I do it to myself. I teach the weak players how to survive. I am always giving lessons at the table. Paul makes the game tough. Hippy Rich makes the game tough. Rich is the best low limit player I have ever met. Ira has learned at my side and he can play the game. This line up is tough.

The hand of the night develops after the button has passed me. Rosemary is on the button and Ira is in the big blind. This leaves me in the cut off position. Hippy Rich under the gun opens for a raise making it five to go. Rich is stronger than garlic. Prison Guard Rick knows this and he is calling with something. Vidal barely knows it was raised. I look down at the two black kings. I raise and make it eight and the table erupts. Rosemary almost beats me into the pot with an announcement of “RAISE”. Eighty year old women do not portray false bravado.

Sirens and whistles along with alarms and soon a disaster alert will be on the television preempting prime time. Be careful! Gene sails his cards into the muck getting them a full four feet above the felt, I am only able to glimpse the ace of diamonds. Ira is laughing and throwing in the occasional “holy crap” as he gets ready to sneak up on his hole cards. “Only nine more?” He folds laughing.

Hippy Rich is not one that does a whole bunch of Hollywood. He is shuffling his two cards, I read this…it usually means he is going to lay down a monster and hates himself for having to do it…I think Hippy Rich would muck jacks here without hesitation. Hippy Rich is shaking his head now. Oh my, he has queens, Hippy Rich has queens, I repeat it over in my head. He is going to lay down queens. I know he is capable of laying the hand down. I am still locked into the hand, staring straight at Hippy Rich. I have to know what he has. Hippy Rich picks his cards up and shows them to Ira. Ira goes into a contorted look of horror. He just saw the devil. What did he show? I will never believe aces. Did Hippy Rich see Rosemary’s hand? Maybe. Damn it Victor you have to know these things. He is shuffling and Ira is offering him chips. Ira is telling him he has to call. Hippy Rich has the other two kings. I am positive he has the red kings. They go to the muck. The dealer picks them up and peeks. He is in disbelief. Hippy Rich saw her hand. He knows she has aces. Wow. I have a read and I hate it. Vidal is in and Prison Guard Rick is in without hesitation. Just as fast, I muck. Like I had seven deuce. Now Hippy Rich is dismayed. Hippy Rich put me on a big hand and can not believe I folded. He did not see her hand after all.

Rosemary wins a big pot when she flops a set and is called all the way down. I say to Hippy Rich, “you mucked two red kings”. Ira goes into shock. “No way”. Hippy Rich and Black Paul say almost simultaneously, “you mucked the black ones”.

Many years have gone by and this story has been told and retold many times and never once has a listener really believed the story. I would speculate that there have been less than a handful of games where two players folded kings pre-flop in the same hand.

If you ever meet anyone that was in the game that night and mention the story; be prepared to hear it told over and again with more detail and an exacting recount of every movement. Yes we were playing with the green deck. If you are not sure about the person telling the story, ask them what Rosemary had in the hole.

Rosemary had pocket queens and she really did flop a queen.



One Response to “A Tough Laydown”

  1. Ira Sisson Says:

    Love that one Vic. Reading some of these (I went back and caught up from the beginning) has reminded me of a lot of great times. Trips to Cher-ae Heights when we brought our own pigeon – Vidal (foolsih to travel without one); you, me and Vinny when the cops came to that house and you were sleeping in the car (I think the cats got the better of you, while I fell backwards on the sidewalk after taking a pill that Vince gave me… and we did win that hold’em-omaha partner tournament); fall of ’99 trip to Spirit Mountain for the series (our birthday, my 21st, you waking up naked next to Steinmetz); Rocky and Tina’s (the first time I played 10-20… talk about a bloodbath – 1190 loser!!!); so many others. I don’t think you’ll run out of material anytime soon, but if you do, I can remember some classics to remind you of. Have a great holiday season. I’ll be in Crescent City from the evening of the 31st till the 3rd. If you’re still there we should hook up.

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