Jefferson State Poker Stampede

Wednesday December 30 brings the $45,000 Jefferson State Poker Stampede in Crescent City, CA held at Elk Valley Casino. I will be there playing in this tournament. I have called and signed up through the players club at the casino. I have talked to the poker room and I am very excited about this tournament.

I have written in my blog that any time a casino does something for the players I will give it a push and do my best to be there to support them. This is a one of a kind opportunity and will offer a huge overlay. The casino has also purchased a quality gold bracelet to be awarded to the winner. I need to give a few more details to make it clear that this is a special tournament. The buy-in is $300 with a $30 entry fee. I would say a 10% entry fee is all I typically can support. The tournament includes a $100 add-on which if taken upfront provides additional chips. I see this as effectively a $400 buy-in tournament. The $30 entry fee entitles every player to a tournament shirt and free buffet dinner. The dinner itself will be an impressive spread and worth the $30. The entry also entitles the player to admission to the New Years Eve party on Thursday night. The casino has brought in a DJ from the Sacramento area and the party is planned to be a good one. The casino is doing this right.

If the casino had a 200 player field this would still be a great tournament. The casino has been running satellites and there are 30 players who have qualified by way of the satellites. Even with a big push in the last week I do not think this small casino can find enough players and I expect that the field will be less than 100 players. This is going to be a huge overlay and the casino will be putting up about $15,000 in this tournament.

I would love to see the players come out and support this tournament as this is one of the small card rooms in Northern California offering a big time tournament. The casino is committed to making this an annual tournament and looking to expand the tournament with the possibility of a $100,000 tournament in 2010.


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