Tilt Explained

I am getting plenty of questions and plenty of feedback on the two posts on tilt. I thought I made it real clear that I am absolutely not a role model and my behavior has been out of line on more than one occasion. I described one of my all time worst fits. I can not think of a time when I was hotter at the table. I can think of times where I behaved worse. These are those precious moments my friends have been reminding me about. So here are a couple examples.

I was playing at Cache Creek many years ago and had problems with a number of the dealers. These kids really had little or no training and were just clueless. I had called the floor over at least twice with no satisfaction. I was starting to get a bit irritated. Being 300 miles from home precludes an early surrender. The following hand came up in a $4-8 limit game. On the a player bet $8 and the next player washed all-in for $10. I called the $10 and expected the original better to call the $2 wash-in. Instead the player completed the bet to $16 and raised to $24. This seemed to me to go against everything I knew about poker rules. The half-bet rule is pretty standard and the $2 wash-in was less than half a bet and therefore did not open the action. Even if this room had some different rules that would allow the bettor to complete the bet he still could not raise himself. I started to argue with the dealer and asked for a floor man. I jumped out of my seat and from a standing position screamed, “Get a floor man over here; better yet, and get somebody that knows poker”. This was the actual line. My friend Ira was playing on another table and got up and gave me a high five. Needless to say we were both admonished and threatened with removal. As you would expect, the floor ruled against me. I made a passionate plea to everyone in the room asking if anyone could explain the half-bet rule. An older gentleman professed to know the rule and explained it exactly as I understood it. The floor man agreed to make a note and ask the poker room manager about the rule. I held the game up for a very long time and would not fold or call the bet. I grabbed my cards and would not surrender them. I pouted like a baby. They ran the board out and put on a new set up. I finally gave back my cards after about a fifteen minute walk around the casino. Make no mistake, I was right and I was wrong for how I behaved.

A second classic tilt is another really bad ruling by the floor and believe it or not I was not even in the hand. Spirit Mountain $10-20 limit game and the group had been playing for about eight hours with the same players. A young player was obviously very much a novice and learning the ropes to the tune of about $3000. He had been re-buying all night and was finally out of money. He had been playing his red chips and stacking all of the white chips. He did not understand tipping so he had plenty of white chips. On the turn he was all-in for his last two red chips and was trying to make the $20 call with ten additional white chips. The dealer explained that white chips do not play. The kid was rather upset and tried to argue. The dealer was not listening. I screamed for the floor and assured the kid it would just take a second. The floor came over and supported the dealer. I grabbed the ten white chips and gave him two red chips which both the dealer and the floor said I could not do. I went crazy. I jumped up and went nose to nose with the floor and explained how stupid he was and that anywhere in the world this is allowed. The poker room manager got involved and looked into the rules of poker as they had them printed in a binder. The white chips do not play in red chip games was there. I asked where it says players can’t make change for one another. I was not backing down and I had the game stopped at least 15 minutes at this point. The manager agreed to call the poker room at the Bellagio and ask for help. After almost 30 minutes I actually prevailed in one of my temper tantrums. Players are allowed to color up chips at any time.

The reason I shared these two stories is because bad decisions are really a pet peeve of mine. The house takes the rake every hand and for that I have certain expectations. I expect the game to be dealt fairly and the house to enforce all of the rules. When the house makes mistakes or bad rulings it costs the players money and hurts the integrity of the game. If you have never met me, you probably do not realize just how loud I can get when I raise my voice but I am very loud. I usually bring a stop to all games in the room when I raise my voice.

I went back and added pictures to most of my stories and I could not really come up with a tilt picture when one of my friends suggested a Full Tilt logo.  The picture above is possibly the most famous of all Full Tilt logo pictures and has the late Brandi Hawbaker exposing herself for cash.  Rest in Peace Brandi.  Poker chewed her up and she was unable to deal with the realities of life and took her own life.


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