Tilt Continued

When I was younger I was very passionate about the game of poker and had very little tolerance. I was the original tilt boy. I went off very openly and in world class style. I have heard Puggy Pearson was the worst ever and I was a close second. Puggy is gone now and I have mellowed considerably so card rooms are much safer these days. Phil seems to have taken over the tilt boy role.

I will give a few examples from the notebook. Keep in mind many of these are more than ten years ago. Tournament staff incompetence led to one of the bigger blow ups ever and a record reset. Spirit Mountain Casino daily early morning tournament in 1998. I am near the chip leader and the tournament is going well when a hand happens with two of my opponents getting all-in. I had everyone covered and the dealer did his best to get the side pots correct. I bet the turn causing all remaining players with chips to fold and should have won the furthest outside side pot that was being contested. The dealer refused to award me the pot and wanted to run the board out. This is not a huge violation of procedure and I just shook my head and showed outward dismay. I opened up my cards as requested along with the other two all-in players. I had a set of jacks which was the best hand at the moment and held up after the river card was put up. The dealer looked at the two all-in players and picked the best hand of the two and killed the worst hand. He then pushed the main pot and the two side pots to the player with just a pair of aces. Not only was he not in for all that money, my hand was better than his. I went absolutely crazy. I was screaming and I mean screaming. I could not stop the dealer from pushing the chips and mixing the pots. A personal friend of mine was at the table and he was getting loud also. The players were all in protest. I still have my cards and everyone can see I have the best hand. Security gets to the table before the floor man. I get up and start to take my walk. Security is getting in front of me and trying block my path to the exit. I am hot and I need to get away and some minimum wage jerk off with a plastic badge is trying to show me his authority. I make it clear I will tear his head off and shit down his neck. That is a quote. Now the real police are on the way. I am escorted back to the table against my will. I do not want to be there. Things only get better. The dealer tells his story and it is so far from the truth as to be criminal. I may actually lose my remaining stack if he gets his way. Yet the two hands and board are clearly visible and I still have the best hand. My friend calls the dealer a FUKKING LIAR. That was probably a little strong. The players all try to explain. The floor man says, “It doesn’t matter what the players think, the dealer decision is final”. My chip stack was moved to the player that was all-in with a worse hand. Now the floor man wants to lecture me. I am willing to leave the casino and I want to leave. I tell the cops to arrest me or I am leaving but I do not have to listen to the lecture. I went on my walk and looked up in the sky and wondered how these things can really happen. I pulled out my sizable wad of cash and counted out $2100 and thought that I just lost a $25 buy-in tournament and did I need this much stress over $25? I laughed a good laugh and convinced myself this type of injustice was not worth going to jail over. I walked back in and took a seat in the live game and decided that this too shall pass.

I was tilted and probably needed that break to reset myself.


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