Sex Sells

Be careful what you ask for you just may get it. I put out a call for story ideas and of course a good friend took the time to remind me that sex sells. So I am not sure who should be worried about this story. Probably you the reader. Because I write mostly stories about my life as a poker player, I will wrap a story around poker and sex.

I have been married for nine years and with my wife for a little over ten years so we have to travel back to the days my single poker professional days. I had just walked away from my last real eight to five job working for the City of Corvallis. I wanted to go to the World Series of Poker and my boss did not think I could have the time off so I just went for the week anyway. I will never know whether I quit or got fired but I surely never returned to work. I have written the story of this my maiden voyage to the WSOP and just brushed over the whole sex thing.

I am playing mostly $10-20 limit hold’em for hours on end and I am clearly the youngest at the table during most sessions. I am a reasonably nice guy and try to show some manners at the table. I am probably flirting a little too much with one of the female dealers and do not actually realize things are going well. Ignorance is bliss. Who says us small town boys are sheltered? At the end of her down she tells me to go to the Deli and get her a mocha and she will by after she gets her jacket. I am a little surprised but I try to take it all in stride. I do as I am told and have my first Las Vegas speed date in the Binions Deli. While the conversation was brisk and things went well I was still trying to understand what exactly worked. I am not going to say that I didn’t want to get dinner and hang out later that night. After twenty minutes she was off to work and I was back to the tables.

The very next day while playing in a similar game a young girl takes a seat right next to me. Guys in their twenties were rare but a girl was quite rare. We talked between hands and she was a young professional player from the Seattle area. This girl was rather appealing to me and I was flirting with her. Funny how I do so much better when I don’t actually know I am flirting. We spend the day playing and even when the game gets too tight and I know I should get up I stay. I am pretty sure I just wore her down and she agreed to go to dinner just because she was hungry. We sat in the restaurant for three hours talking and even ate a little bit of food. Things went well between us and we discussed the things we wanted to do while in Vegas and agreed to do some of them together.

As late night was approaching suddenly realized I had one more girlfriend than I needed and my dealer friend would be getting off work and wanting to do something with me. I was going to need to get away from my poker player and spend some time with the dealer. I managed this maneuver pretty well on my first night in Vegas with two girl friends. I am sure that says something about my morals and makes an even bigger statement about Sin City.

I was playing some of the best poker in my life during these couple days and yet somehow I was starting to feel stressed by the whole two girlfriend thing. I decided I better tell my dealer friend that I was seeing somebody and just kind of break off what I never really meant to start. Of course, you as the reader can already see where this is going. She told me that she knew I was. “I am not blind, I work in that poker room all day.” She already knew I had found a new toy to play with. She was fine with that. My mouth got dry and my tongue was thick and for once I was struggling to talk. I finally asked, “What are you doing here?” She replied, “I still want to spend time with you, you will be gone in four more days and we will never see each other again.” She was right I never spoke to either one of them ever again.

I am not sure if it is Las Vegas, The World Series of Poker, poker in general or just mankind but these are the feelings and emotions that play out every year at the WSOP. Everybody is living in the moment and trying to get the most out of what little bit of time they have left before they have to return home to a normal life.

I decided I did not want that normal life and just sat down at the table and began to play poker every day and live my life for the moment. I became a professional poker player and spent the next years of my life living for the moment.


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