The Road to the WSOP Tire Chains Required

I had a short week on the poker front. Just seven days like every other week. Time goes by way too fast and it is already time for the next installment of the road to the World Series.

On to the action for this week; I played and won an online sit and go tournament. I took time to play a single tournament and felt good about besting the table. I did not set foot into the brick and mortar casinos. I had a cold and had to pull out of the Las Vegas trip last weekend. As I was still in recovery mode I did not get out of the house much last week.

I had planned to go to Reno to the Grand Sierra Resort for the winter pot of gold tournament this weekend. A rainy stormy week in the valley means a snowy week on the mountains. I am not about to drive up the hill to Reno in the middle of a winter storm. Snow chains required is not something I want to deal with to play a poker tournament. I have to say I love what they are doing at Grand Sierra with the poker and the tournaments. I would love to be there and support them. By all means if you have the chance stop in and check out any of the pot of gold tournaments. They offer $30 room rates and give the players a great deal. You also earn $2 in comps for every hour played and $3 maximum rake in live games.

The study of poker has been on the lighter side this week. I bought two new books and started reading both of them. One at a time would make too much sense. Deal Me In the story of twenty professional players and how they became professionals. Cowboys Full is a story by James McManus, who wrote Positively Fifth Street, a story about the history of poker. I would recommend Positively Fifth Street for entertaining reading. This reading is lighter and serves to break up the monotony of reading poker strategy week after week.

When I think about the slow week with so little traction I am fine with having an easy week. I was sick and I probably needed to get some rest. Always approach the poker tables on your own terms and only play when you are truly ready. Yes that means you Annie. I will come back to the tables recharged and full of energy and looking forward to playing again.

I look forward to seeing you at the final table next November.


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