The Long and Winding Road

I was sick most of the week and I am just now recovering…I am sure I have cried sufficiently on my blog already. Because I was not feeling well I had to opt out of the planned Las Vegas trip this weekend. I am staying home and resting.

My poker preparations were minimal this week. I read an old issue of card player magazine and I rad the new issue that just arrived. The article I like was by Ed Miller and it was about what not to do when you are running good. I will not steal Ed’s material so I highly recommend this article.

I also went to Barnes and Noble and looked over the poker section to see if there were any new books I might want to buy. Alas, I left empty handed.

My serious study time was spent reading The Theory of Poker by David Sklansky with emphasis on bluffing and position. I admit that I did not spend my scheduled ten hours of study time. I will make up for it over the weekend.

I worked a little more on my trip to Crescent City for the Jefferson State Poker Championship. If you are in the area for New Years Eve this should be a good time and I will be there. For more information go to Elk Valley Casino on the internet.

I did talk to one of the Million Dollar Boys Club members and he has confirmed that he will be travelling to Las Vegas for at least one event of the World Series this year. If you are going to be around Las Vegas for the WSOP drop me a line and I will give you some helpful hints.

I hope to see you at the final table.


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