I made it through the Thanksgiving holiday and all the leftovers and actually managed to lose a pound. I did however pick up a cold or the flu. I am staying home from work because I am feeling under the weather and do not want to make everyone at work sick. I will do my best to keep my postings up on the blog.

I blogged for two weeks of November and I am very happy with the comments I have been receiving. I have received a few suggestions for posts and I have usually made the post the following day. Most of the postings on my blog are just my unedited writing and rambling.

Occasionally, I will post a story that I have written and published in another format. Everything I post is my own original writing and I post the raw unedited story. My apologies to my editors.

The winner of the best story idea for November is Diane Newman Faut of Denver Colorado for her idea on Where Have I Been?? Diane wins a Starbucks gift card for her suggestion. Most of the comments I received were very positive and I do not think any comment stood out as clearly the most exceptional. I have decided that prizes will be awarded using a random number generator and everyone that posts a comment will have a chance to win a prize. I will recognize exceptional comments.

As my blog grows and I gain a larger following I will be able to attract additional sponsors and offer some better loot. I hope that you read my blog because you like my writing but I am shameless and willing to bribe you.


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