The Road to the WSOP

As I prepare for my 2010 World Series of Poker (WSOP) the latest news is that I will be playing a tournament in my home town; Crescent City, CA. In addition to writing articles for my column and publishing stories on my blog I am playing some medium buy-in tournaments to keep my skills at the table sharp.

The Jefferson State Poker Championship will be held at Elk Valley Casino over two days in late December with the final being on New Years Eve. I will post more details of the tournament as I receive them. The tournament is $340 buy-in with $100 add-on that is structured to give you extra chips if you buy the entire $440 up front. The details are still a little hazy to me, but my understanding is there are three separate qualifying rounds with the top 18 or so moving on to the final. If you play the first qualifier and do not make it you can play the second and third qualifiers also.

The casino has been running satellites on Sunday and Monday nights and will continue to do so right u until the tournament. There is a cap to the number of players that can play because this is a small casino. I am scheduled to interview somebody from the casino next week and I will pass along additional details.

For now all I can say for sure is that I will be there in Crescent City the week between Christmas and New Years playing poker. If you are around swing by the casino and say hi.

I have been reading No Limit Hold’em Theory and Practice by David Sklansky and Ed Miller. This is a solid book that is a little tough to read. I am reading it for the fourth time and trying to study and make sure I have the concepts. The particular focus is on bet sizing.

As always I am looking for story ideas for my blog so please leave me a comment of anything you may want to know more about. There will be prizes and giveaways for story ideas that are used in my blog.


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